Adhesys Medical

develops novel polyurethane-based medical adhesivesfor use on the skin and inside the body for a great variety of potential application areas.

Due to their unique composition, they differ from existing technologies on various dimensions. The adhesive technology is:

  • Fully Synthetic
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Biodegradable and
  • Usable in wet environments

It is our mission to bring our innovative wound sealants into every Emergency Room, Operating Room and soldier’s medical pack, to save lives, radically enhance surgical procedures and improve patient comfort.

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Our Products

Find out more about our two product lines: one for topical use to close wounds of the skin and one for internal use to seal areas of leakage, reinforce suture lines, and stop bleeding.


VIVO is a surgical sealant for use inside the body to stop bleeding, seal wounds and reinforce suture lines. It is the first hemostatic sealant that works in a wet environment. It is biodegradable, flexible, fast curing and fully synthetic, allowing for use in a great variety of surgical procedures.
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Our Technology

The Technology behind Adhesys Medical

Potential Application Areas

Perioperative bleeding and leakage from the site of anastomosis frequently cause severe complications during and after surgery. Especially cardiovascular surgery carries a high risk of perioperative bleeding. In cardiac procedures severe bleeding occurs in around 7% of cases1.

The current standard of care used to address these issues include fibrin-based sealants as well as synthetic sealants. Both however lack certain characteristics, making them unsuitable in a great variety of surgical settings. Consequently, bleeding complications and leakage remain unaddressed problems.

A strong, fully synthetic, yet flexible and biodegradable sealant that works in a wet environment and exhibits the necessary properties is urgently needed. Potential application areas for such a sealant include stopping arterial and venous bleeding, aortic root replacement procedures, vascular reconstruction procedures as well as suture line sealing and reinforcement in cardiovascular surgery.

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About Adhesys Medical

Adhesys Medical, formerly Medical Adhesive Revolution, is a medical device company based in Germany and the United States and is dedicated to developing one-of-a-kind, polyurethane-based surgical sealants.

Based on a technology that has been developed since 2007, the company was founded in 2013 in Aachen, Germany to bring the sealants to market. The company owns all patents regarding the technology and has completed the development of two product lines: one for topical use to close wounds of the skin, such as surgical incisions and laparoscopic incisions that have easily approximated skin edges, and one for internal use to seal areas of leakage, reinforce suture lines, and stop bleeding.

In a first financing round, the company received funding from the Seed Fund Aachen II, the KfW Bank and private investors. In April 2014, the team won the Rice Business Plan Competition in Houston, Texas and $500,000 in investment prize money. After a $2.7 million investment by the US-investors, the GOOSE Society of Texas and OWLS, the Rice University Alumni, Adhesys Medical expanded to the United States and opened an office in Houston, Texas to bring its sealants to the US-market. It is the team’s vision to bring their wound sealants into every Emergency Room, Operating Room, and soldier’s medical pack, to save lives, radically enhance surgical procedures, and improve patient comfort.

In early 2017, Adhesys Medical was acquired by the Aachen-based pharmaceutical company Grünenthal GmbH and continues to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Grünenthal Group.

Medical Adhesive Revolution GmbH Team Presentation

Adhesys Medical is Falling Wall Science Startup of the Year

1-Minute Pitch at MassChallenge Awards 2016


Adhesys Medical joins 128 startups from around the world for 4-month program in Boston

Houston, 19. May 2016 – Today Adhesys Medical announced it will join MassChallenge Boston, the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. One of 128 startups participating, Adhesys Medical will benefit from mentorship, office space, and a vast network of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and investors. In November, all MassChallenge Boston startups will compete for $1.5M total in cash awards with no equity taken.


Aachen, 11. Mai 2016 – Die beiden Aachener Unternehmensgruppen Grünenthal und Adhesys Medical geben heute die Unterzeichnung einer Lizenzvereinbarung über die Vermarktung eines innovativen Wundklebers bekannt. Adhesys Medical Inc. ist die US-Tochter der in Aachen gegründeten Adhesys Medical GmbH, die 2013 auf Basis einer innovativen Technologieplattform gegründet wurde. Adhesys Medical hat ein Produkt entwickelt, das eine Alternative zu herkömmlichen Verfahren zum Schließen von Operationswunden auf der Haut darstellt.


Aachen, 09. February 2016 – On January 22nd, Medical Adhesive Revolution was renamed Adhesys Medical. The rebranding is reflected in a new logo and corporate design as well as the launch of a new company website www.adhesys-medical.com. The rebranding is part of a broader initiative to prepare for the next stage of development: “This year, we shall transition from an R&D-focused operation into a commercial stage company“, says Alexander Schueller.