VIVO Surgical Sealant

VIVO* is a polyurethane-based surgical sealant, designed as an adjunct to standard methods of achieving hemostasis in vascular reconstructions by mechanically sealing areas of leakage.

The delivery system for VIVO is a two-chamber syringe. VIVO’s formulation allows for use in a wet environment (e.g. in areas of bleeding). Potential application areas of VIVO include:

  • vascular reconstructions,
  • aortic root replacements,
  • arterial and venous bleeding as well as
  • suture line reinforcement in cardiovascular procedures for preventing bleeding and leakage at the site of anastomosis.

Further potential applications include sealing tissue-graft anastomoses in cardiac and vascular surgery.

*VIVO is not yet approved for use in any country.

Learn How VIVO Works

The unique combination of characteristics sets VIVO apart from the current standard of care:

Fully synthetic:

Based on a prepolymer and a curing agent, there is no human or animal-derived component and thus the risk of infection or the transmission of infectious diseases is virtually eliminated. Additionally, the product functions independently of the body’s clotting cascade.  This is particularly important in patients suffering from any kind of clotting disorder – either medically or genetically induced. Due to its chemical composition, VIVO forms a strong hydrogen bond with the tissue, strong enough even to withstand arterial blood pressure.  Burst pressure studies have shown that VIVO can withstand pressures of up to 250 mmHg, more than the two-fold of normal pressure in arteries.


The adhesive’s composition allows it to be degraded. Degradation occurs over an extended period of time, allowing the treated tissues to regenerate. Thus, a strong and long-lasting seal is provided. During this time period, the adhesive remains soft, adapting perfectly to underlying organs.



The strong and flexible film ensures wound integrity, even under high pressure or in case of movement of the underlying tissue.

High viscosity:

the product’s high viscosity – comparable to honey – allows it to be applied precisely to the intended area and ensures it stays in place, even in the presence of some blood flow. All currently available devices, on the contrary, are significantly less viscous and are therefore often washed away or difficult to apply in a targeted manner.

No special storage requirements:

VIVO can be stored at room temperature and comes ready to use. This allows for use on short notice and provides surgeons with an effective and timely means in the event of bleeding.


The chemical composition allows for use even in wet spaces and on bleeding wounds. Fluids even accelerate polymerization thus allowing for a safe and strong seal even in the presence of blood flow.


The quick polymerization of the material allows for a strong seal after only 30 seconds.